Larry’s innate ability at capturing the essence of his subjects, while combining a high degree of professionalism is reflected in the creativity and quality of his art form.
Whether featured in magazines, on the web or gracing the walls of businesses, corporations, homes of sports celebrities or everyday families, Larry's images draw attention, creating an emotional bond with the viewer.

ommissions are welcome, please inquire.
Also sought after for lifestyle, editorial, portraiture,
 theatre, fashion and 50s 60s glamour portrayals which are his passion. 
Larry also teaches and lectures, he is avaliable for photography workshops and courses. Larry undertakes private / individual students, please inquire.

May 2018

Spring has finally arrived! Looking forward to getting out with a local designer to celebrate her creations surrounded by nature awakening.  Lots of creative people slated to come through the studio this month, a renaissance shoot to name just one, so stay tuned... 

If you find your headshot, actor's or model's composite need an exciting look to have the agency better remember you, please give us a call, we would love to help put you best look forward.

As always, enjoy the outdoors, be safe and have fun.

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