Capturing the essence of his subject with a high degree of professionalism is reflected in the creativity of Larry's art form.
Featured in magazines, websites, gracing walls of corporations, homes of sports celebrities and families, Larry's images draw attention, creating an emotional bond with the viewer.

Lifestyle, editorial, portraiture,
 theatre or fine art, photography is his passion. 
Larry also has experience lecturing to clubs and giving photography workshops.
 Commissions are welcome, please inquire.

September 2020

The "Great Pandemic" is still with us. it is important although restrictions are being eased, to keep masks and social distancing the order of the day...
Visiting Toronto I had the opportunity to work (social distancing and mask protocols firmly adhered to) with some dynamic and talented artists, however due to my contract photography I'm now falling behind on the post production of my own projects. 1st world problem :-)
I encourage everyone to do their part and follow government guidelines, maintaining the six  foot social distancing protocols is absolutely necessary and mask up until this vicious malady has run its course.

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